How to Disable Links Using only CSS – Kill the Link

disable links using only css

In web development, links are an essential part of creating a seamless user experience. However, there may be instances where you need to disable a link, and you can do so easily using CSS. By using the “pointer-events” property in CSS, you can disable links without having to modify the HTML code. In this blog … Read more

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Which CSS Property Will Not Trigger Layout? – Web Design Efficiency Hacks

Which CSS Property Will Not Trigger Layout

In CSS, certain properties such as position, float, display, and z-index do not cause a layout recalculation when changed. This means that modifying these properties does not require the browser to reposition elements on the page. This can significantly enhance performance, especially for pages that are intricate or sizable. What Causes Layout Recalculate Style? A … Read more

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